FAEMS, Working with the Changsung Group

FAEMS is a total property management company boasting sixty years of expertise and experience in the field of real estate management. It was launched by the Changsung Group, which is composed of a large number of affiliates.
They include: Changsung Corporation, Hana Tech, Daehwa Press, and Doyle Korea in the materials and manufacturing area;
Shinchang Enterprises, Yonsei Industry, and Changsung E&C in the construction and real estate sector;
Aloft Seoul Myeongdong Hotel, the Balios Country Club and the Balios Equestrian Club in hotel and resort operations; and
the Changsung Scholarship and the Nordic Ski Team for the Disabled in the Mecenat business.

Materials and Manufacturing

  • Changsung Corporation Changsung Corporation was the very first industry player in South Korea to develop metal powder manufacturing technologies. It specializes in the production of magnetic powder cores, conductive pastes, clad metals, coils, EMC, and other materials and components used in the basic materials industry. Go to Homepage
  • Hana Tech Hana Tech specializes in the manufacture of high-precision sintered components, including automotive sintered parts such as EPB, ABS, and EPS, lock sleeves for refrigerant pipe connections, metal filters for injectors, magnetic yokes for earphones, and a wide range of both oil-less and bush-type bearings. Go to Homepage
  • Daewha Press Daewha Press specializes in the manufacture of powder compacting press machines. The machines can be adapted to a wide range of uses and come in a variety of sizes, all of them boasting state-of-the-art technologies, high quality, and a reputation for problem-free durability. Go to Homepage
  • Doyle Korea Doyle Korea engages in the import and sale of magnetic powder cores and beryllium copper in its metal business; selective plating services and equipment sales in its plating business; and offering electric fuse and power quality measurements and solutions in its electrical business. Go to Homepage

Construction and Real Estate

  • Shinchang Enterprise and Yonsei Industry Drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of advanced real estate services and boasting a wide range of advanced-level technologies, these companies provide their many satisfied clients with a full range of real estate development and management services.
  • Changsung E&C Changsung E&C has made its mark in the residential construction industry in South Korea with its unparalleled history of creating the finest in comfortable and high-quality living spaces based on state-of-the-art technologies and advanced-level designs. Go to Homepage

Hotels and Resorts

  • Aloft Seoul Myeongdong Hotel Located in Myeong-dong, one of Seoul’s leading tourist destinations, this premium-quality hotel is beloved by its customers both for the convenience of its many business and for its leisure services. Go to Homepage
  • Balios Country Club A prestigious golf club on South Korea’s west coast, Balios Country Club boasts a beautiful landscape and superb playing conditions, allowing visitors to enjoy both challenging golfing and its well-earned reputation as a prime site for rest and relaxation. Go to Homepage
  • Balios Equestrian Club Balios Equestrian Club boasts the largest outdoor competition area of any such facility in South Korea. Fully equipped to host every kind of international event, its facilities include a number of indoor competition arenas in which riders can practice regardless of the weather or the season, as well as top-scale stables featuring a full range of state-of-the-art facilities. Go to Homepage

Mecenat Activities

  • Changsung Scholarship Changsung Group has taken the lead in the development of a happier and healthier society through its long-term sharing activities involving the Changsung Scholarship.
  • Nordic Ski Team for the Disabled Founded in 2015, Changsung Ski Team for the Disabled is South Korea’s first-ever business-sponsored sport team for the disabled. Its goal is to expand the range of Nordic skiing facilities and opportunities for the disabled and to foster the development of high-quality disabled Nordic skiing athletes. Go to Homepage