The way that people do real estate needs to change.
Total property management service is the beginning of that change and the best way to ensure that it will happen.

Living spaces are the foundation of all our activities and the basis of all our happiness.

FAEMS is a total property management company that was established in 2018 by the Changsung Group. Our goal is to help people maintain and add to the value of their real estate holdings by offering them a one-stop program for all real estate-related services ranging from development and construction to sales, leasing, and facilities management.

FAEMS offers property owners the benefit of this full range of property management services in collaboration with the Changsung Group, which boasts over sixty years of expertise and experience in the field of property management with its business philosophy of “seeking happiness.” We also work with Changsung E&C, one of South Korea’s leading construction companies. Our goal is to offer our clients the fullest possible range of high-quality property management services.