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Using our expertise and experience to raise the value of our client’s properties

FAEMS provides facilities management services for forty-three properties with a total floor area of approximately 2,353,104.13m2. We also help our clients maximize their earnings by efficiently managing such properties as hotels, resorts, residential facilities, logistics centers, office buildings, sales facilities, factories, medical facilities, and others.

Track Record by Facility

Classification Property Name Total Floor Area Offering service
Daegu Beomeo CLASSIA Commercial-Residential Building 30,604 m2
Daegu Opera CLASSIA Officetel 38,475 m2
Jeonju Station CLASSIA Commercial-Residential Building 55,568 m2
Gwangmyeong CLASSIA Oreseum Officetel 21,727 m2
Icheon CLASSIA Terrace Park Officetel 40,347 m2
Guri CLASSIA Officetel 32,977 m2
Jeju Rich U CLASSIA Urban Lifestyle Homes 30,489 m2
Ulsan Central Park CLASSIA Officetel 29,189 m2
Daegu CLASSIA 2-Cha Officetel 23,109 m2
Songtan CLASSIA Officetel 29,289 m2
Changwon Diartrie Officetel 33,079 m2
Suwon Yeongtong CLASSIA Officetel 32,352 m2
Daegu Medisquare CLASSIA Officetel 17,083 m2
Daechi CLASSIA Officetel 16,089 m2
Sangam World City Officetel 16,740 m2
Gwangju Gyerim Doosan We've 3-Cha 137,836 m2
Yongin HausD Dongback Terrace 10,853 m2
Dapsimni Hanil Novelia Officetel 9,547 m2
Overview of Residential Facilities 605,353 m2
Hotels &
Busan Centum Premier Hotel 41,907 m2
Ramada Yongin Hotel 20,089 m2
Aloft Seoul Myeongdong Hotel 12,719 m2
Balios Equestrian Club 12,900 m2
Balios Country Club 1,097,772 m2
Balios CC Clubhouse 8,486 m2
Overview of Hotels and Resorts 1,193,873 m2
Uiwang Technopark Logistics Center 84,294 m2
Gimpo M4 Logistics Center 43,596 m2
Gimpo M2 Logistics Center 67,167 m2
Gimpo Logistics Center 30,000 m2
FAEMS Yongin Camp Logistics Center 25,736 m2
Overview of Logistics Centers 250,793 m2
Pyeongtaek Jinwi 2 Industrial Complex Knowledge Industry Center 59,635 m2
Dongtan M Tower Knowledge Industry Center 68,886 m2
Cheongjin District 17 Office 18,043 m2
Nonhyeon-dong Daegwang Building 6,079 m2
Nonhyeon-dong Changsung Building 2,778 m2
Overview of Office Buildings 155,421 m2
Yongin The Ysquare 62,731 m2
Jong-ro Jangan Building 3,150 m2
Sindaebang Building 2,131 m2
Insadong Building 1,798 m2
Namgwang Building 1,624 m2
Overview of Sales Facilities 71,434 m2
Factories Changsung Pyeongtaek Factory 29,663 m2
Namdong Changsung Inchecon Factory 17,913 m2
Cheongju Changsung Cheongju Factory 3,655 m2
Overview of Plants and Factories 51,231 m2
Changwon Fatima Hospital 25,000 m2
Overview of Medical Facilities 25,000 m2