Real Estate Consulting

Committed to realizing the highest possible real estate values

FAEMS provides its clients with a full range of lifestyle-oriented real estate services aimed at enhancing their revenue creation. They include information on sales and leases of lifestyle-oriented real estate holdings, on commercial building investments and startups, and on real estate sales, leasing, and development possibilities.

Professional Real Estate Advice

We provide both experienced and prospective property owners with the many benefits of our high-quality “Real Estate Value Increase Program,” as well as information on office and residential properties that are available for purchase. They are also given lists of startup types that are best suited for the commercial buildings and sites that they own, as well as information about carefully selected qualified tenants and franchise brands that are guaranteed to help them realize high levels of profitability.

Client-Oriented Lease Management Service

  • Maintaining and managing contracts
    We ensure a high level of client satisfaction by minimizing the number of vacancies through our exclusive program of client-oriented, differentiated lease management operations. The possibility of risk is also minimized through the operation of a strict and transparent management system.
  • Managing Tenants and Buildings
    Our reputation for offering our clients the finest in fully-customized and highly differentiated property management advice has been earned by our commitment to listening to the voices of our clients and ensuring the maximization of their property values.
  • Establishing a marketing strategy
    We minimize vacancy rates by targeting top-flight tenants who are committed to operating businesses and offering services that are guaranteed to attract a very high level of client loyalty.
  • Lifestyle-Oriented Residential Service
    We increase the value of every tenant’s investment and maximize the earnings of every property by planning and developing a full range of lifestyle-oriented residential services, all of them based on carefully-managed lease building analyses and market research.