PMProperty Management

Providing stable and efficient property management solutions

FAEMS’ property management system maximizes returns and creates value through high-level property management services. It is backed by the six decades of expertise that the Changsung Group has accumulated in building management, operations, and leasing.

Operations Management

  • Financial Consulting
  • Accounting, fund, and tax management
  • Resident company management

Leasing Management

  • Leasing demand analyses and consulting
  • Leasing management services
    • Attract high-quality tenants
    • Manage contracts
    • Design leasing space layouts
    • Manage leases (non-payment, overdue, vacancies)

Value Creation

  • Market research/trends and investment advice
  • Remodeling and reforms
    • Advice on facility maintenance limits and value creation
    • Institute energy efficiency evaluation program to improve performance and efficiency
    • Major repairs and extensions
    • Laws and regulations (extensions, changes in use, approvals and licensing) and construction/design/cost/quality/process management
    • Provide additional contracts for residential spaces at the time of sale and before move-ins