FMFacilities Management

Adding to the long-term value of client properties

FAEMS delivers a full range of professional and differentiated facility management services and solutions through its preemptive facility management operations system. Its experience and expertise in the fields of construction, machinery, electricity, safety, firefighting, communications, and security ensure the ultimate in client satisfaction for owners of multi-unit buildings and properties.

Facilities Management (FM)

  • Preventative and regular inspections according to facility operations plans
  • Public facilities management
  • Energy management
  • Security, information, and parking management
  • Landscape, environment, and beautification management
  • Turnkey management for already-completed projects (including post-completion clean-ups)
  • Management areas :
    Commercial-residential buildings/Studio apartments/Office buildings/Mixed-use buildings/Commercial facilities/Knowledge industry centers/Logistics centers

Customer Service

  • On-call and regularly scheduled defect inspections/repairs
  • Review and support front-end construction in addition to defect repairs
  • Before- and After-Service management system
    • Completion checks and data building by experts
    • Pre-completion walk-around inspections by engineers
    • Final inspections before move-in
    • Nationwide after-service offices
    • Receipt-Processing-Happy Call by After Service Call Center
    • Accumulate technical data and prevent recurrences of defects