Customer Service

Ensuring stable earnings through effective building management

FAEMS provides its clients with a wide range of professional and highly-specialized building management services.
This guarantees residents a quiet and carefree life.

Building facilities management

FAEMS is a professional and highly-specialized property management company that is committed to providing its clients with optimal building management services through a wide range of standardized operating processes.
Our goal is to optimize the operational efficiency of our clients’ holdings and boost their revenues by reducing their operating costs, preventing accidents, and maintaining a pleasant environment.

  • Building Operations Management
    Our highly systematic workplace management system is implemented by applying optimized operating techniques and support systems that are best suited to meeting the characteristics of different types of buildings. It is applied to offices, studio apartments, commercial facilities, commercial-residential buildings, knowledge industry centers, logistics centers, and apartments.
  • Facilities Management
    We maximize the life-cycles of buildings by linking building facility management and construction services and operations with high-quality management processes through our accumulated expertise, data on building A/S, and technical supports for emergency measures and preparedness.
  • Security Management
    In order to create and ensure safer spaces for our many valued clients, we provide them with optimized security services by undertaking in-depth analyses of all known risk factors in all our facilities.
  • building beautification
    We create clean and pleasant spaces by providing a full range of appearance management services. This raises every building’s value by adding to the aesthetic appeal of its interior and exterior finishes.
  • Residential Services
    We accommodate the increasingly diverse needs of our clients and make adjustments to meet rapid changes in the market by developing and applying the very best in high-level residential services. This includes community operation within buildings, car-sharing, and convenient parking services.