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Bae Dong-hyun, Vice Chair of the Changsung Group, awarded a Geosang Medal of the Order of Sport Merit

Vice Chair Bae Dong-hyun was awarded the Geosang Medal of the Order of Sport Merit by Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon for his many contributions to the successful hosting of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics. He headed the Paralympic Korea National Team for the 2018 PyeongChang competition in his role as the Chair of the Korea Nordic Ski Federation for the Disabled.
During the competition, Vice Chair Bae did his best to support all the team’s athletes. This included having small but vitally needed articles sent directly from Seoul so that the team’s members could play their games in their best condition, as well as personally purchasing and delivering admission tickets to the games and providing the players with hotel accommodations so they could stay with their families and give their performances feeling relaxed and happy.
He also headed the team at the entrance ceremony of the Athletes' Village, while promising a large reward for all the medals the athletes might win. On the day after the Games ended, he went to a bank and personally remitted all the promised prize monies to athletes who had won medals. One episode which became a big topic of conversation was how he had kowtowed before the players at the disbanding ceremony while almost on the verge of tears.
The Vice Chair’s patronage did not stop even there, however. He also posted a large billboard cheering on the Paralympics in the main office building of the Changsung Group in Seoul. In the end, the honor of the national athlete, Shin Eui-hyun (age 39), who brought South Korea the first-ever gold medal in the Winter Paralympics, gave hope and courage to many people with disabilities while moving others greatly.
In August 2015, Vice Chairman Bae founded the first winter corporate- and privately-owned team for the disabled after he took office as the president and CEO of Changsung E&C. The gold medalist Shin belonged to the Changsung Group's Nordic Ski Team for the Disabled. Nordic ski for the disabled received a lot of attention from the public when Shin won the gold medal, but it is still unfamiliar to the general public. This is because it is a so-called "alienated event."
Vice Chair Bae is keeping on with his sponsorship even though the PyeongChang competition is over. Although public interest in the Paralympics has faded, Changsung Group recruited Won Yu-min (31) and Seo Borami (33), and supported their training with Shin.This ensures that the Changsung Group will continue with its high level of sponsorship for South Korea’s Winter Paralympics teams going forward.