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Bae Dong-Hyun, Vice Chair of the Changsung Group, carried out a wide-ranging organizational shakeup

Bae Dong-Hyun, the Vice Chair of the Changsung Group, started a wide-ranging organizational shakeup immediately upon assuming office. An official of the Group said this reorganization was carried out to strengthen the Group's competitiveness and add stability to its organization.
The first step in the exercise was to appoint three representative directors for each division of the Changsung Group, in addition to its reorganization into a “Four Headquarters, one Research Institute, and one Corporation” system for each business sector.
In addition, Yoon Young-mo, the Executive Director of the head office's Management Strategy and Marketing Headquarters, was charged focusing on quality organization, while also developing a strategy for global growth.
Meanwhile, Choi Gwang-Bo, the Managing Director of the Pyeongtaek Headquarters, and Byung-Yoon Lee, the Managing Director of the Incheon Headquarters, will focus on the flagship products of each sector as a means of strengthening their technologies and adding to the overall competitiveness of the basic materials sector as a whole.
Executive directors of the Group's construction and real estate divisions were also shuffled. Changsung E&C appointed Managing Director Choi Young-cheol as its Executive Director in charge of construction management, while Managing Director Kim Yuk-hwan will hold down an additional post as the Executive Director of Shinchang Enterprise and Yonsei Industry within the Group’s real estate division.
Each company is expected to add synergies to the Group's new undertakings going forward. This will be done by establishing a collaborative system embracing FAEMS, a new Group entity that engages in the total construction and real estate service business.
This organizational shakeup will allow Vice-Chair Bae to reinforce his global corporate management strategy through the launching of new businesses that are capable of blending with the activities of already-existing affiliates.